There’s nothing better than being on 2 wheels on the open road, out in the fresh air (well, we can all dream!), with the wind rushing past to make you feel on top of the world. But to get to that point, there’s a few hurdles you’ll need to jump over.

The type of motorbike you can ride depends upon your age and the type of bike licence you hold. To help you get on your way, as a motorcycle training school we have made a guide for you to read below.

50cc scooter

50cc - How to take your motorbike test

If you want to get on the road quickly and are 16/17 years of age, then a 50cc scooter will do the job. All you’ll need is a provisional driving licence from the DVLA. You’ll need an identity document, addresses for the last 3 years and your National Insurance number. Once you have your licence, you can complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Here at North London Motorcycle Training school we are authorised by the Driving Standards Agency as an ‘Approved Training Body’, and we can deliver your CBT course and issue your certificate (DL 196) on site. We have access to a large training site where you can perfect your skills before taking to the open road.

Taking your CBT is an affordable option and is easy to do. Once you have completed your CBT, you can ride on the road for 2 years with ‘L’ plates.

125cc motorcycle

If you are 17 or over and have your CBT, you can go for your A1 licence. The A1 licence will you allow you to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle with a power to weight ratio of not more than 0.1 kw per kg and producing a maximum of 15 bhp. The advantage of the A1 licence is that you can ride on motorways, carry a pillion passenger and take your ‘L’ plates off!

To gain your A1 licence you will first need to pass your motorcycle theory test and of course, have your provisional driving licence. If you need to take your motorcycle theory test, you can book online here.

If you have all the necessary documents and they’re valid and up to date, then you’re ready. At North London Motorcycle Training we provide motorbike training 7 days a week. Just choose your date and time and book your CBT online.

There are two parts to the A1 Licence test, Module 1 and Module 2. The Module 1 training takes place on our 300 m2 training site in Harrow. This module is all about control. You must demonstrate good control of the bike in a variety of conditions, from slow speed manoeuvres to speed manoeuvres. At North London Motorcycle Training we have full exclusive use of a 300 sq meter site where we are able to complete all the mandatory exercises at the required speeds. On weekends we also have access to the DVSA exam site, so you’re able to practice on the actual tarmac you will take your exam.

Module 2 is where you will need to demonstrate your ability to ride safely in a variety of traffic conditions. With the DVSA examiner, the exam will last 40 minutes.

For more details on each module and to book online, please see our website. Why not book an assessment?

A2 licence – 19 years +

a2 - How to take your motorbike test

If you’re over 19, have your CBT and passed your Motorcycle Theory Test you are eligible to take a restricted A2 test.

There are a wealth of bikes available in this range. A good example is this Suzuki GSX 250R which provides the feel of a sports bike with a comfortable riding position, making it a versatile commuting bike.

Gaining your Full Motorbike Licence

Once you have your A2 licence at 19 years old, you need to gain another 2 years’ experience before you can achieve your full motorcycle licence or A Licence. This will involve another two part practical test.

If you are 24 years or over, you will only need to take your motorcycle theory test and the two part practical test (Module 1 and Module 2).

Whatever your age and level of experience, at North London Motorcycle Training we are here to ensure you achieve your dream.. Whether it’s your first scooter, or gaining your full motorcycle licence, we’re here to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable training experience.

Perfecting Your Motorbike Riding Skills

If you’ve done the hard graft and have gained your full motorcycle licence – well done! It’s a fantastic and well-earned achievement. If you have a full motorcycle licence we know you know how to ride, but there is so much more to learn. As a motorcycle training school we offer an Enhanced Rider Scheme which gives a tailor made route to continuous self-improvement with a DVSA approved instructor. The goal will be to build on your strengths and to hone your skills on the road.

Our instructors are friendly, highly skilled and super-knowledgeable. If interested, please call us on 0208 952 9622 for further details.