With the easing of lockdown restrictions, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of people on the roads. Pre-covid, people would probably have used public transport to pop the shops, for their daily commute or to see friends and family.  At this time however, the thought of spending time in a confined space with other members of the public is a serious concern to many people. 

This is why the Motorcycle Industry Association has launched the “Unlock Your Freedom” campaign promoting motorcycling as the safest, best value and most isolated form of transport that you could choose.  The MCIA states that “two wheels is the solution for the new normal” and we totally agree!

The Government has advised that all other forms of transport should be considered before public transport.  Motorcyclists already know that the best value, most fun form of transport is on two wheels. In this article we aim to provide further detail on the steps you need to take to start your two wheeled journey with a motorbike course.  Happy Biking!

Step 1: Get Your Bike Licence

To ride on public roads you first need to get a provisional driving licence. To apply for a licence you must be at least 15 years and 9 months old AND be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away 

The next step is to take the Compulsory Basic Training (cbt) course. You must pass both parts of the practical test within 2 years of taking the motorcycle theory test. If you do not, you’ll have to start the process again.

Step 2: Completing Your CBT

Before taking to the road, you need to obtain your CBT certificate.  The CBT isn’t a test that you pass or fail; it gives you the training needed to make sure you have the ability to ride safely on the roads whilst you practice for your full motorcycle riding test.

The CBT at North London motorcycle training follows the official Driving Standards Agency course where you will be taught by a team of approved DSA instructors. Take a look at our team of fully qualified, professional instructors here. We even have Portuguese, Spanish and Romanian speaking instructors on the team, so if your command of English isn’t so great – don’t worry!

If you’re aged 17 or over you can ride a 125cc, under 17 and you’ll need to ride a 50cc.

The CBT course takes approximately one day to complete although it may take longer depending on the ability of the rider. Our courses start at 0845 and finish usually at 4.30pm.

The CBT certificate is valid for two years. At the end of the two years you have the option to renew your CBT certificate, or progress to a full motorcycle licence.

3. Who Can Take a CBT?

LIterally, ANYONE! Whether you’re male or female, young or old will suit anyone who wants to start their 2 wheeled motorcycling journey. Motorcycle riding is the BEST way to avoid the risk of public transport and will get you to where your destination cheaply and safely.

For more information, please call our office team on 020 8952 9622.

4. Want to ride a bigger bike?

The next step is to gain your full motorcycle licence or the DAS (Direct Access Scheme).  If you’re under 24 years old this will be the A2 licence.  If you’re 24 years old or over then you will take the A licence. 

The DAS scheme is made up of two modules.  Module 1 is where you will train on our 300 m2 training site. We will show you how to control the motorbike in a variety of conditions from slow speed manoeuvres to speed manoeuvres.

Take a look at our video to find out more about the Module 1 training.

Module 2 is the actual exam where you will need to demonstrate your ability to ride the motorcycle in real road conditions. To prepare you for the test, we will take you to your test area and practice riding on roads, roundabouts, dual carriageways and junctions that have a high probability of being included in your test route.

To find out more about Module 2 test and training, check out our video.

5. Motorbike Course Next Steps

You can book your CBT Motorbike Course online. Due to current government restrictions, we are not currently offering the DAS course however please call us on 0208 952 9622 to join the waiting list. We are really keen to restart DAS training and will do so as soon as we are allowed!

Take care, and ride safely!