Have you finally decided to take the plunge and get on two (motorised) wheels? Whether it’s for fun, to improve your daily commute or maybe for a motorbike delivery job, the first step is to take your CBT test (compulsory basic training).

Here at North London Motorcycle training we are authorised by the Driving Standards Agency as an ‘Approved Training Body’ and we can deliver your CBT course and issue your certificate (DL196) on site.

Our motorcycle training centre is based in Edgware, North London. Easy access to the M1 and M25 makes it a convenient location for people living in the North / West London area, Hertfordshire and Essex. So, if you’re ready to take the first step then read on!

What is CBT Training?

CBT, or Compulsory Basic Training is a legal requirement for all provisional motorcycle holders. Gaining your CBT certificate shows that you can ride safely whilst preparing for your full moped or motorcycle test. Our CBT course is conducted by qualified, approved instructors and follows a Driving Standards Agency course.

The course is specifically laid out to take you from being a complete novice to a competent learner motorcyclist in the space of one day.

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What are the requirements for CBT Training?

You must be a provisional motorcycle licence holder. If you do not have a provisional motorcycle licence, click here to apply via the Driver Vehicle & Licensing Agency. At North London Motorcycle training, the cost of the CBT training includes the price of the motorcycle hire, equipment and insurance. All you need to do is be prepared to learn, have a few laughs and enjoy it!

Where do I take my motorcycle lessons?

Firstly, you will need to make your way to our London motorcycle training centre in Edgware High Street (see our Contact page for details). After an onsite training session, we will make our way to the on-site training centre.

How to get your CBT?

Our CBT test consists of several parts completed throughout the day, these sections are explained below:

CBT Training – Part 1

When you arrive at our London motorcycle training centre you will be introduced to your Instructor who will discuss your previous experience and discuss what you want to achieve from motorcycle riding. We will then check your license and conduct a simple eyesight test, reading a number plate at 20.5 metres.

CBT Training – Part 2

The next step is to get you out to the practical training school in Harrow where you will learn all about the various controls of the motorcycle and how to use them. This will include how to stop/start the engine, basic safety checks, how to keep balance and how to use the motorcycle stand. Once you are comfortable with the basics, we will move on to motorcycle riding techniques such as driving in a straight line, cornering, rear observation checks and so on.

CBT Training – Part 3

This step is where you head out onto the road. The instructor will brief you on road safety practices and how to watch out for the various hazards usually encountered by learner motorcycle riders.

The final element of your training is where the Instructor will observe you riding your motorcycle and where you need to demonstrate your ability to ride safely. Once the Instructor is confident that you have the ability to ride safely, then you will be issued with your CBT certificate which means that you can ride a bike of up to 125cc with L plates.

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We have lots of people passing through our training centre doors, many of whom are featured on our Facebook page. Check out our news feed details, you might even recognise a face or two! People have also left some great reviews on the page which we’re very happy about!

How to book your CBT Test?

Applying for your CBT test is simple, just book online . If you would rather talk to us first, then feel free to contact us on 020 8952 9622 or email training@northlondon-mct.co.uk. You’re also welcome to pop into our Edgware showroom any time. We’re open Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm.

Already have your CBT?

For those who already hold their CBT, the next stage is to obtain your full motorcycle licence. Completion of our DAS course will allow you to take the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) motorcycle test. You must have a valid Motorcycle Theory Test certificate and a valid CBT prior to joining this two part module course.

The purpose of these modules is to demonstrate that you can handle a bike safely and competently on the open road.

See our website for more details on the DAS course and how to book.

Again, if you have any questions then please call 020 8952 9622,