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Everyone’s ability is different, you may have been riding for a number of years or only a few weeks. NLMT would like to offer you a FREE ASSESSMENT of your ability to recommend what course would suit you. The assessment will last approximately 30 mins, you will need to bring:

  • Driving Licence
  • CBT Certificate
  • Theory Test Certificate (if you have one)

To give us an understanding of your ability, please complete the questionnaire then book a date on line that suits you. If for whatever reason you have a problem booking on line please call 0208 9529 622

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The enjoyment gained from riding a motorcycle skilfully and safely is second to none. However, it takes confidence, excellent riding skills, physical co-ordination and balance. Keeping your skills up to date and checking that you have not become overconfident, complacent or picked up some bad or dangerous habits is something that few of us do.


Advanced / Enhanced Rider Courses

Every now and again, a motorcycle rider has one of those special days, a day when the bike is clean, the tank is full, the weather is perfect and the route is planned…
…and as you settle into your ride out, you enter “the ZONE”, a place where absolutely nothing else is on your mind, you are using the right gears, revs and braking points with total focus and few adjustments.

You get every line right through to corners, see every hazard early and deal with them safely.
For a while, it seems that your bike is enjoying the ride as much as you are and today is a GREAT DAY.

If you have a full motorcycle licence, you know how to ride, but there is so much more to know:
Our Advanced riding course offers you a tailor-made route to continuous self-improvement, by working closely with a DVSA approved instructor.

The goal will be to help you build on your strengths and hone your skills on the road, so that you get even more from your riding.
Together we will work to identify and achieve your goals. The focus will be on you and what you need to get out of the course.

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Elevate your awareness and enhance your experience.

How well do you understand your bikes capabilities.

Would you like to develop specific skills.

Build your confidence.

Be smoother.


Your own


Monday – Sunday

Check-In 0845


All Valid Docummentation before start
Appropriate Clothing an Helmet
Full tank of Fuel
Enthusiasm and a Smile

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“The training package is complete.. hi-viz (plus clothing if necessary), radios, bikes, insurance. The facilities, most notably the coffee urn was most welcoming on those frosty Feb mornings. The structure of the training was great, combining Mod 1 and 2 during the day. My instructor was a top bloke, very good at giving guidance, pointing out where I went wrong and telling how to put it right. The whole team are energetic and very helpful.

I passed both. But even before I did the test I knew my training had been excellent value for money!”

“What a great Bunch of Guys your Company has You certainly picked a Great Team. I have not had so much fun in a long time. From the time I took my CBT to Passing my Cat A Motorcycle Licence. I will certainly be coming back for more advanced Training, will be looking for my next Challenge in 2016 bring it on… rPedro all the Banter and excepting my Facebook Request for Faster Rides. To the ladies I dealt with your Hard work in the background, taking the bookings and answering all my Queries wonderful customer Service…”

Improve your skills with NLMT

Just call us on 020 8952 9622