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2016-05-17 02:47:59

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)


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A legal requirement for all provisional motorcycle license holders, your CBT will ensure that you fully understand the basics of motorcycle riding. CBTs follow a Driving Standards Agency course where you will be taught by approved instructors. The course is specifically laid out to take you from being a complete novice to a competent learner motorcyclist in the space of one day.

Compulsory Basic Training

Automatic & Manual Training Available

Here at North London Motorcycle training we are autorised by the Driving Standards Agency as an ‘Approved Training Body’ and we can deliver your CBT course and issue your certificate (DL196) on site.

We use the most modern teaching methods and adapt each session to students of all abilities.

When you arrive for your CBT you will be introduced to your Instructor who will discuss your previous experience and discuss what you want to achieve from motorcycle riding. We will then check your license and conduct a simple eyesight test, reading a number plate at 20.5 metres.

Once we have completed these simple steps we are ready to start.

Remember we are here to help and we will do everything we can to make your new experience, comfortable, educational and enjoyable.


2016-06-09 04:40:16

Vehicle Type

Automatic Scooter (up to 125cc / 11Kw)
Manual Bike (up to 125cc 11Kw)

CBT Dates ...

Monday - Sunday


Valid Licence

2016-06-09 04:56:07


Clutch/Gear Conversion

Clutch/Gear Conversion

Because your CBT is not limited to the type of engine you could ride an automatic or manual motorbike, but if you have never had any training, you might find the manual vehicle a very challenging experience and potentially dangerous.

So, we have design a course specifically around gear changing and clutch control.

Included in the training will be a road ride element and we are sure that at the end of your course you will be a confident, safe rider who will have just discovered a complete new side to biking


Pizza Hut Day 2

We are officially certified to provide safety rider training for Food Delivery companies, As the course is a follow on from a CBT, your day 2 can only take place if you currently hold a valid CBT.

The course concentrates on your road ridding skills and will continue to teach you safe ridding in inner city traffic conditions.

Once you have completed your training to a satisfactory level we issue you with a pass certificate. Present this certificate to your restaurant manager and you will be ready to start.

Remember your safety is always paramount no matter the circumstances.

2016-06-09 05:14:51

2016-06-09 04:16:49

My story…you can read it or Just come to NLMT for your training… you won’t regret it…I did my CBT almost 1.5 year ago (with another company), lost the paper work…no problem I was offered a conversion course as part of the full training. My target was to complete my A2 licence with within a short period of time. NLMT went over my options, but I had to be assessed on my riding skills so they can offer me the optimal training programme to suite me. I was assessed by a trainer, who recommended a training programme which I followed through. I took his advice and passed first time….….thanks NLMT.

2016-06-09 04:20:25

All staff that have trained me have been fantastic. I can't remember who I had on my CBT, but a huge thanks to the instructor for all the help and support on my mod1&2. His expert guidance and teaching meant that all 'bad habits' I had from riding for 4 years through central London traffic were corrected, making me a much safer and better rider.

Everyone at NLMT is personable and friendly, from the receptionists, instructors and those in the showroom. Would highly highly recommend!!

Get your motorcycle lessons started with Compulsory Basic Training.

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